Botox and Dermal Filler Training Courses for Dental Hygienists

At AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery), we constantly receive questions from dental hygienists about whether they’re qualified to take our Botox and dermal filler training courses and earn their certification. So, if you’re a dental hygienist or other dental professional, we are delighted to tell you that the answer is a […]

Are You a Physician’s Assistant Who Wants to Easily Expand Your Practice? Botox Certification is Just What You’re Looking For

If you’re a physician’s assistant, your training background is extensive and your scope of expertise broad. But however diverse your patient duties and care responsibilities may be, they all fall into one common category—treating disease. So, if you’re looking to expand your practice on entirely new terms, Botox certification is the fastest, easiest way to […]

Advanced Aesthetic Training Can Revitalize MD Practices

Dan’s patients loved him. And Dan loved his patients. But his career? That he no longer loved.  “Dr. Dan,” as his patients called him, had been a general practitioner for nearly 15 years. His professional practice was healthy, but his enthusiasm for his work was rapidly waning. At first, Dan told himself he just needed […]

5 Market Trends in Aesthetic Medicine & How To Capitalize on Them

You know that when McKinsey & Co. starts paying attention, there’s something big going on. McKinsey & Co., the world’s premier corporate consulting firm and the definitive source for All Things Business, recently devoted an in-depth article to the rapid growth of the aesthetic injectables market. The firm—a hard-nosed authority looked to by the likes […]

How To Build a Successful Botox-Based Business Using Market Research

aesthetic nurse running her botox-based business

Aesthetic medicine is booming. While the global pandemic caused many industries to slump and many companies to fail, it only escalated demand for aesthetic procedures. And because Botox training represents a smart career move in a hot market, more and more RNs, NPs, PAs, doctors, and even dentists are expanding their practice with medical aesthetics. […]

Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

If you build it, they will come. The degree to which this turns out to be true will depend largely on the strength of your aesthetics training and how much thought and planning you put into attracting patients to your aesthetics practice. Whether you’re thinking about expanding your current practice with the addition of medical […]

Seven Benefits of a Botox-Based Business

benefits of a botox based business

Medical aesthetic procedures are not only becoming more and more popular; they’re also becoming increasingly embraced by the general public. Experts chalk it up to everything from the rise of virtual work environments and being constantly on camera to greater social acceptance of men’s desire to enhance their appearance to more and more celebrities talking […]

All About Dermal Filler Training: Everything Nurses Need to Know

Remember how it felt the first time you ever jumped off the diving board into a public swimming pool? Remember how far down the water seemed and how deep it was? Remember having second thoughts about this whole diving board business, yet at the same time, really wanting to jump in and test your burgeoning […]

Want More Independence In Your Nursing Career? Botox Training Is the Answer

botox training can give nurses more independence in their career

If you’re an RN, NP, or PA, it’s almost certain that you get your marching orders from someone senior to you. (And that they get their marching orders from someone senior to them.) Especially if you work in a hospital, you’re well aware of being just one rung on a very, very tall ladder. And […]

Beyond Beauty: Why Botox Training Can Help Nurses Grow Their Practice

how botox training can help grow your aesthetic practice

Botox is practically synonymous with beauty. If you’re like many nurses, when you think of Botox, it tends to instantly conjure up images of red carpet celebrities, affluent housewives, media personalities, and luxurious med spas. And while this makes sense, it’s a testament to how little is widely known about Botox’s broader applications.  Botox Training […]

Top 10 Things MDs Need to Look for When Selecting a Liposuction Training Course

liposuction training course for MDs

MDs who are entertaining the idea of expanding and growing their practice with liposuction often spend considerable time researching training platforms for this high-demand procedure—and for good reason. Not only are there multiple platforms to choose from, but physicians also need to feel confident they’ll receive top-tier training backed by a reputable professional body. Related […]