For Nurses Seeking Career Advancement, Botox Certification is a Winning Move

There are many ways to climb the career ladder, but for direct-care nurses, the costs of doing so are making the ascent increasingly difficult, causing many to consider pursuing a path in aesthetic medicine via Botox training and dermal filler certification. But why should this be the case? After all, choosing to pursue a career pivot rarely comes easily. 

It’s Becoming Harder and Harder for Nurses to Successfully Climb the Career Ladder 

Nurses are no less dedicated or ambitious than they’ve ever been, so why is the path to advancement in direct-care nursing becoming increasingly difficult (and frankly, less desirable)? McKinsey & Co. and The New York Times—what many would argue are the nation’s premier consulting firm and newspaper—have invested extensive time and money into researching this question. And both have devoted multiple stories in the last two months to reveal the answer. In them, they document and detail how corporate greed—along with the ubiquity of managed care models—are destroying nurses. The overarching theme in each of these pieces is the epidemic of chronic stress, overwhelm, and burnout plaguing male and female nurses and women across nearly all professions

COVID-19 is Not the Cause of the Nursing Crisis

As these stories make clear, while the global pandemic exacerbated the nursing crisis and the disproportionate workplace impacts on women, it did not cause them. What can only be called the exploitation of nursing professionals has a history that long preceded the pandemic, even as recent events have pushed nurses and female working professionals to their breaking point. 

Direct-Care Nurses are Left With Only 3 Choices

The situation that McKinsey and the New York Times reveal is leaving nurses with essentially three choices: 

  1. Stick it out in the hope that industry changes and career advancement will bring relief
  2. Exit the profession in favor of a completely new one
  3. Put their existing skills to use in a different nursing specialty

For those who choose to stay and fight for advancement within the very model that many experts say poses dangers to nurses and patients alike, this is indeed a case of risky business. 

The Cost of Changing Careers

For nurses who exit the profession entirely, a steep road awaits them as they find themselves back at square one in terms of pursuing extensive education (and taking on the debt to do so). And—once they graduate—competing for entry-level wages with younger or more experienced candidates. 

It seems clear that nurses who opt to put their skills to use in a different (less stressful) nursing specialty are the clear winners of the three: 

  • They need only to build on their current skills rather than pursue new and extensive training
  • They avoid the dramatic career interruption that comes with a pivot to a non-nursing field
  • They’re not pushed to the back of the line when competing for employment opportunities

Nurses Who Make the Move to Aesthetic Medicine Enjoy Even More Benefits 

Beyond the benefits just outlined, nurses who choose to advance their career through a shift into aesthetic medicine can look forward to many other perks: 

  • They can complete the requisite training (Botox and dermal filler certification) in a fraction of the time and cost required for a shift to most other nursing specialties.  
  • They can often supplement or expand their existing nursing practice with aesthetic medicine, easing the transition (should they pursue it) to a full-time, dedicated career in this specialty.
  • They’re not forced to choose between their love of working directly with patients and seeking relief and advancement outside of direct-care settings. 
  • They escape the managed care system since aesthetic medicine is comprised of elective procedures for which insurance reimbursement is rarely available (except in extremely rare cases). 
  • They’re no longer locked in a strictly “numbers-driven” enterprise since aesthetic medicine is one part art and one part science.

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How AAAMS Helps Nurses Beat Burnout and Advance Their Career 

AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the industry-leading, fully-accredited training platform for excellence in aesthetic medicine education. We make it possible to become rapidly certified in Botox and dermal filler with a curriculum as streamlined and engaging as it is rigorous and challenging. We’ve successfully trained more than 5,000 students worldwide for rewarding careers in aesthetic medicine for 15 years.

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We’ve seen firsthand the winning difference a career pivot into aesthetic medicine can make on our students’ mental and emotional health and professional upward mobility. Watching our students become reinspired about their nursing careers as they take steps to recover the work-life balance denied to them in direct-care settings is one of the most gratifying things about our work. 

Why Nurses Love the AAAMS Aesthetics Network

Much of success in any field depends on networking and building professional connections. This is why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network—a professional and social networking platform designed exclusively for aesthetics practitioners that instantly plugs you into a wealth of career-building resources, including: 

  • Peer support
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • An exclusive learning library
  • Job referrals and listings
  • Invitations to industry events
  • Discounts on AAAMS courses
  • …and much, much more   

If you’re looking for a way to advance your nursing career without the stress, overwhelm, and burnout, visit our website to learn more about how we can help you make this aspiration a reality. Explore our aesthetic courses, check out the many benefits of our Aesthetics Network, and enroll in a course today.

We look forward to training with you!