From Botched to Beautiful: 5 Ways Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training Can Advance Your Practice

5 ways non-surgical rhinoplasty can help you grow your medical practice

All rhinoplasty surgeries are motivated by the quest for an enhanced appearance. So, when these procedures don’t go as planned, the mental, emotional, and financial fallout that patients experience can be extreme. Especially when rhinoplasties are “botched” (are the result of surgical carelessness or incompetence), patients lose more than their dreams for a prettier face—they also lose self-confidence and trust. 

On the part of the patient, this makes the prospect of undergoing a revision rhinoplasty exponentially more fraught with anxiety. And on the part of the aesthetics practitioner, it makes it crucially important to render sound treatment in the first place, as well as to receive the advanced aesthetics training required for performing successful revision procedures.  

How Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training Can Benefit Your Practice

Provided that aesthetics practitioners have the advanced training and experience to successfully take unhappy rhinoplasty patients from “botched to beautiful,” they can reap five significant benefits. 

Your Practice is More Rewarding 

Taking a rhinoplasty patient from botched to beautiful is experienced by the said patient as nothing short of a heroic achievement that often brings life-changing results. This makes for an exceptionally rewarding experience for aesthetics practitioners and patients alike. 

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The Satisfaction of Successfully Tackling Tough Technical Challenges

Primary rhinoplasty is highly challenging, but revision rhinoplasty is notoriously more difficult and technically demanding. But herein lies the beauty of pursuing advanced non-surgical rhinoplasty training, up-leveling your technical skillset, and applying it to revision work and other complex procedures.  

Among facial cosmetic surgeries, rhinoplasty is the undisputed champion when it comes to technical difficulty, and revisions can be among the most costly of all aesthetic procedures. Fortunately, a significant percentage of revision rhinoplasties can be circumvented by aesthetics practitioners with advanced training in non-surgical rhinoplasty. This training provides the skills, tools, and techniques to correct many iatrogenic issues in the upper third of the nose—all with dermal filler injections rather than a surgical scalpel, chisel, and mallet. 

Help Improve Every Procedure You Perform

Whenever you pursue advanced training in any specialty, it positively affects your broader scope of practice. This is because an advanced aesthetic training program isn’t just about learning new skills and techniques. It’s also about training your attention in new ways, communicating effectively with patients, approaching procedures with a more precise yet holistic perspective, and applying more sophisticated assessments to treatment planning. And, of course, non-surgical rhinoplasty training is hardly just for performing revision work! It’s also an incredibly popular alternative to surgical rhinoplasty. 

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Differentiate Your Practice

After botched or less-than-stellar surgical rhinoplasties, patients often exclusively seek out aesthetic practitioners who advertise their expertise in performing revisions. For this reason, positioning your practice with this emphasis can differentiate your practice from your competitors and target and attract new market segments: patients seeking corrective work, as well as those seeking alternatives to primary surgical rhinoplasty.

Elevate Your Reputation and Drive Growth

When you take a patient from botched to beautiful (or deliver a patient the nose of their dreams without them having to go under the knife), you’re looking at a patient that’s loyal for life and a strong brand advocate. (Don’t be surprised when these patients take to Instagram to showcase their results and sing your praises on RealSelf and Google Reviews.) This, in turn, elevates your professional reputation and drives the growth of your medical aesthetic practice. 

Take the Next Step With Advanced Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training  

If you’re a currently licensed MD, RN, NP, PA, or dentist with existing experience in aesthetic injectables, you’re already qualified to begin a non-surgical rhinoplasty training course with the AAAMS—the leading industry platform for fully-accredited virtual and hybrid aesthetic courses

Your instructor will be Dr. Sam Assassa, a world-renowned non-invasive and aesthetic cosmetic surgery specialist with extensive experience in minimally invasive medical and surgical aesthetics. Dr. Assassa has performed over 25,000 aesthetic procedures, has lectured in 15 countries (and counting) to more than 5,000 delegates, and has trained thousands of aspiring and seasoned aesthetic medical practitioners. 

If you’re ready to make your practice more rewarding, competitive, and profitable with advanced non-surgical rhinoplasty, enroll today! We’ll give you the knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, personal support, and professional Aesthetics Network you need to move confidently forward. We look forward to training with you!