How OBGYNs Can Become Certified In Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal Filler Injections for Jaw Enhancement

Aesthetic medicine has been growing in popularity and continues to spread across the different levels of the medical field. From MDs to dentists, any licensed professional can get their certification in aesthetic medicine and make it the newest addition to their practice. 

OBGYNs have made the latest transfer to aesthetic medicine as the demand for nonsurgical enhancements has increased for cosmetic and health reasons. These professionals have two paths to choose from if they wish to provide aesthetic services:

  • Facial Aesthetic medicine
  • Aesthetic Gynecology services

If expanding your abilities and opportunities with an aesthetic focus interests you, here is how you can become certified in dermal filler injections.

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

For this certification, enroll in a botox and dermal program or an all-encompassing facial aesthetic course. These courses cover the basics of performing the procedures—such as learning to handle injectable gel-like substances safely and effectively—as well as the nuances. It’s important to build an understanding of the different variables to keep in mind while performing procedures. For instance, you will need to understand how the aging process affects the face, the different kinds of dermal fillers and how to use them, and how to restore youth and beauty to the face.

The time commitment for courses like these can span from a one-day session to five days of lessons.

Dermal Fillers Training 101, offered by AAAMS, is a virtual self-paced course that you can finish from the comfort of your own home. The course is filled with training videos, demos, and case studies. It covers topics such as the anatomy of facial nerve blocks, the different injection methods for the different areas of the face, and how to avoid and correct filler complications. This training program is also the only one to provide a first-person perspective of the day-to-day tasks of an aesthetic practitioner. You can enroll in this course only or enroll in an entire Facial Aesthetic 101 Series, which is a more robust aesthetics training program for practitioners looking to gain more than an understanding of facial aesthetics. 

Aesthetic Gynecology Services

To add a new cosmetic layer to the OBGYN field, you can enroll in aesthetic gynecology courses. These programs are generally online courses that can lead to a professional diploma in aesthetic services. You will learn surgical treatments and nonsurgical treatments including how to use dermal fillers for vaginal rejuvenation and botox for vaginismus. All treatments will be explained by certified professionals.

There are many reasons to increase your skillset by adding aesthetic medicine. New opportunities may arise as you expand your reach in your field.

If you want to start a career in aesthetics, contact us or read about the benefits of being in an aesthetic network community. The start of your new journey into a fulfilling medical specialty is one click away.

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