The Top Must-attend Aesthetic Medicine Events & Online Conferences In 2021

With the demand for aesthetic services multiplying worldwide, more and more doctors, nurses, and even dentists are looking into aesthetics training. Fortunately, organizations like The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) have answered the call by creating both in-person and virtual aesthetic courses to help more medical professionals get trained in these minimally […]

Who Should Take Aesthetic Courses and What Are the Benefits?

What exactly are aesthetic services? Aesthetic services include Botulinum neurotoxin (Botox) and dermal filler injections, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and more. Aesthetic services can vary from non invasive procedures to surgical operations. In 2021, aesthetic services are more popular than ever and those who gain the skills and proper training to offer these aesthetic services will reap […]

The Top 4 Social Networking Sites Every Aesthetic Practitioner Should Know About

If you’re an aesthetics professional, knowing how to use specialized social networking platforms to your advantage can be the difference between being a good and great practitioner. Not only can social networking serve as a great tool for collaborating with and learning from your peers, it can also serve as a powerful platform for generating […]

What Is Remote Aesthetics Training And How Does It Work?

When one thinks of any kind of medical training, often visions of big auditoriums, large operating rooms, and elaborate clinics come to mind. Whether a graduate of a nursing, dental, or medical program, all of the above visions are generally accurate. But what about continuing education coursework? To learn new technologies, treatments, or procedures, does […]

6 Reasons Nurses Should Consider Facial Aesthetics Training


According to Nurse Journal, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the demand for nurses in the U.S. would soar to 26% by 2020. Nurses are in demand everywhere and the pandemic has only made the need for them even greater. But even with job security, there’s good reason for nurses to look into […]

What Is Remote Aesthetics Training And How Does It Work?

According to Forbes, “the anti-aging market is positioned to reach $271 billion by 2024.” The article also says that between 2000 and 2018, Botox injection procedures increased 845%. We can attribute much of this growth to a rise in demand for anti-aging treatments, normalization of the wellness industry, and lowering costs. But an often overlooked […]

5 Reasons Why Aesthetics Training Will Benefit Your Practice

Want to add ancillary services to your practice? Interested in introducing aesthetic treatments as a way to add extra revenue or meet patient demand? Even if you’ve only entertained the idea, there’s reason to think more seriously about taking aesthetics courses. In this guide, we’ll look at not only why moving into aesthetics is a […]

3 Benefits of Enrolling in Advanced Aesthetics Training Courses

The medical aesthetics market will grow by $5B in the next five years, climbing from $9.4B in 2020 to approximately $15.9B in 2025. To stay competitive, aesthetics practitioners must further refine their skills and enhance their knowledge more than ever. From perfecting a legacy procedure to learning about an innovative new technique, practitioners need a […]

5 Tips for Training Your Aesthetic Practice Employees

While it’s undoubtedly essential to take the time and effort to seek out and hire the right people for your practice, it’s the effort that could be spent in vain if you don’t follow up with excellent aesthetic training.  It’s easy for physicians and other medical practitioners to feel that energy and years of education […]

What Does An Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Do?

Aesthetic nurses are registered nurses with specialized training in aesthetic and cosmetic services, such as Botox® injections and dermal fillers. Qualified to provide a wide variety of services to patients, aesthetic nurses generally work alongside a physician to assist with aesthetic procedures as well as performing other medical support duties.  Procedures that aesthetic nurses might […]

4 Benefits of Online Communities for Aesthetic Medical Practitioners

In this increasingly fast-paced world of virtual connections and instantaneous information and “friending” people you’ve never met, professionals in virtually every industry—including aesthetic medicine—have discovered the benefits of online communities.  But we’re not just talking about Facebook and Twitter. Yes, these and other ubiquitous public social networks do have something to offer medical practitioners who […]

5 Steps to Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

If you’re one of the many people considering a career move into the practice of aesthetic medicine, there are many factors to consider and a well-defined path that must be followed in order to become an aesthetic nurse practitioner.  In general, the benefits of a career as an aesthetic nurse practitioner include a generous salary […]

Targeting the Right Audience for Your Aesthetic Practice

When it comes to marketing your medical aesthetics practice, it’s no longer just a matter of whipping up a website and waiting for people to find it.  Times have changed when it comes to marketing aesthetic medical services. It’s important that you change with them. The majority of the population today is aging, and many […]

7 Tips on Hiring the Right Staff for Your Practice

When hiring new staff for your practice, the number of factors to take into consideration can make the hiring process seem like a full-time job. So, just what are the most important things to consider when filling that staff opening? We’ve got seven tips to help guide you through the process of finding the ideal […]

5 Legal Considerations to Address Before Opening Your Own Practice

Opening your own medical practice of any kind is a complex process that can easily become overwhelming.  You’ve done the training.  You’ve mastered the techniques.  You’re ready to practice. But what are some of the many considerations to be taken into account when you’re suddenly staring down the barrel of opening your own practice and […]