How To Build a Successful Botox-Based Business Using Market Research

aesthetic nurse running her botox-based business

Aesthetic medicine is booming. While the global pandemic caused many industries to slump and many companies to fail, it only escalated demand for aesthetic procedures. And because Botox training represents a smart career move in a hot market, more and more RNs, NPs, PAs, doctors, and even dentists are expanding their practice with medical aesthetics. […]

Love Your Patients But Hate Your Job? Aesthetic Training May Be the Solution

You were fresh out of nursing school and had high hopes for your direct-care nursing career—You were on fire! But now? Now you’re second-guessing your choices. You knew things would sometimes be challenging, and you knew there would be sacrifices to be made. But, you felt your love of nursing would make it all worth […]

What’s It Like to Be an Aesthetics Nurse? Here’s a Peek Into the Profession

peek into the profession of an aesthetics nurse

Are you an RN, NP, PA, or other healthcare practitioner who’s been thinking about making a move to aesthetic medicine? Have you spent late nights googling “Botox and filler training courses”? Have you found yourself wondering what it’s really like to work with aesthetic patients? If so, this piece is for you! We’re going to […]

For Nurses Seeking Career Advancement, Botox Certification is a Winning Move

There are many ways to climb the career ladder, but for direct-care nurses, the costs of doing so are making the ascent increasingly difficult, causing many to consider pursuing a path in aesthetic medicine via Botox training and dermal filler certification. But why should this be the case? After all, choosing to pursue a career […]

Why Aesthetics Practitioners Love Their Profession (And Why You Will Too)

why aesthetic practioners love their profession

Do you love aesthetics? Not medical aesthetics, per se (we’ll get to that shortly), but simply aesthetics as defined by our old friend, Merriam-Webster Dictionary?   Aesthetics:  Concerning the nature of beauty, art, taste, and the creation or appreciation of beauty Having a particular fondness for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and […]

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Dermal Filler Training Reveals the Answer

You know the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  But is it? Is beauty really all that subjective? Are there any standards by which beauty can be objectively assessed and measured? Or is beauty little more than just a matter of personal opinion?  While it’s true that beauty is in the eye […]

How Nurses Can Beat Burnout With Botox Training

If you’re a nurse, you’ve been hearing (long before the global pandemic) about the nursing crisis—the supposed shortage of nursing professionals. But what you may not know is this: only recently has a virtual avalanche of press coverage been unleashed. In it, industry experts, insiders, and nurses themselves reveal what’s really behind the crisis—corporate greed […]

The Training Courses You Need to Become an Aesthetics Nurse

Lately, you may have found yourself doing a little, What if?” and wondering, “What if I took an aesthetics training course? What if I expanded my scope of practice with aesthetic medicine? What if I shifted medical specialties and moved into aesthetic medicine altogether?”  Maybe you’ve even been doing some Googling on the subject, trying […]

Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

If you build it, they will come. The degree to which this turns out to be true will depend largely on the strength of your aesthetics training and how much thought and planning you put into attracting patients to your aesthetics practice. Whether you’re thinking about expanding your current practice with the addition of medical […]

These are the Most Popular Minimally-Invasive Procedures You Should Be Offering

these are the most popular minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures you should be offering

Patients are lining up for aesthetic procedures. And it’s not just the usual subjects like celebrities, socialites, social media influencers, media figures, and soccer moms. It’s people across a broader spectrum than seen ever before, including college-age females, middle-aged men, and even your grandmother.  Market research indicates that since the lifting of lockdowns, there’s been […]

Why Are So Many Nurses Making the Move to Aesthetic Medicine? The Answer May Surprise You


An interesting phenomenon is underway. More and more nurses (and even doctors and dentists) are making a career pivot they never anticipated. Whether they’re pediatric RNs, emergency care PAs, women’s health PNs, OBY/GYNs, or orthodontists, diverse healthcare practitioners are pursuing aesthetic nurse training and moving into aesthetic medicine. So, what’s driving this migration? The answer […]

Seven Benefits of a Botox-Based Business

benefits of a botox based business

Medical aesthetic procedures are not only becoming more and more popular; they’re also becoming increasingly embraced by the general public. Experts chalk it up to everything from the rise of virtual work environments and being constantly on camera to greater social acceptance of men’s desire to enhance their appearance to more and more celebrities talking […]

3 Non-Negotiables to Look for in Any Aesthetics Training Program

things to consider when choosing an aesthetics training program

If you’re a nurse, doctor, or even dentist who’s getting ready to jump into the exciting world of aesthetic medicine with a Botox training course, you naturally want to identify the top platform for certification. After all, you’re investing in your professional development, job satisfaction, and career advancement, so you want to make sure you’re […]

How Aesthetics Training Can Help Nurses Rediscover Their Inner Artist


You know what they say: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Or is it?  Is beauty a subjective judgment call, or is it something more objective?  As it turns out, it’s a little of both. The perception of beauty falls somewhere between artistic insight and scientific fact. In other words, the perception of […]