Top 4 Reasons Why Liposuction Training Can Benefit Your Practice


Advanced Liposuction training through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) can give physicians proper education to perform the liposuction procedure.  Here are the top four reasons why liposuction training can benefit your practice. Better Understand the Procedure In AAAMS, you will undergo a comprehensive training program to receive your certification to perform […]

Aesthetics 101: The Ultimate Guide To AAAMS’s CE Accredited Aesthetic Training


Accredited aesthetic courses through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) offer a variety of comprehensive programs that will get all of its students one step closer to achieving their career goals. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification to inject Botox, dermal fillers, and be able to perform […]

Ways To Utilize ‘Before And After’ Pictures To Attract More Aesthetic Patients

Aesthetics Medicine

Before and after photos are a great tool to market your services. Potential customers look at pictures first when trying to decide whether or not to undergo an aesthetic procedure. Pictures offer customers reassurance that you have received the necessary aesthetic training to produce proper results. Posting these to your social accounts, website, and ads […]

The Benefits of Virtual And In-Person Aesthetic Training

Aesthetic Training

Training through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) is a great step towards your career goals. Our aesthetic courses are taught by experienced physician instructors and offer a wide range of availability. Many courses are virtual and completely online, allowing for a remote learning environment. Others offer a hybrid structure that has […]

How To Establish Realistic Expectations About Botox


Patients coming in for Botox treatment usually have an idea of how they want their results to look. It may be a subtle blurring of wrinkles, or just a youthful makeover. Either way, establishing realistic expectations about Botox injections is an important part of an aesthetic practitioner’s job. To establish these realistic expectations, here are […]

A Nurse’s Guide To Choosing The Best Dermal Filler Training To Enhance Your Career

dermal filler training

It is a challenging process to find the right aesthetic training program to earn certifications, during unprecedented times or not. Rummaging through the internet and constantly landing on non-medical training pages that don’t offer the proper medical training required to move forward is exhausting.  AAAMS offers a variety of options for current and future Aesthetic […]

Top 3 Botox® Training & Certification Courses That Are Perfect For Physicians & Nurses

Botox Training

As a physician or nurse, you may be looking to further your career and learn new specialties. Among these specialties are non-invasive cosmetic and aesthetics procedures. Many doctors’ offices provide these services, helping patients retain their youth and enhance their features. To gain experience with Botox injections and certificates that will allow you to practice […]

Top 5 Laws To Know In 2021 Before Starting Your Botox Training

Botox Training

In non-invasive cosmetic procedures, just like any medical practice, there are rules and regulations that all practitioners must follow. These laws differ from state to state and are important to keep up with, wherever you practice. If you are ready to start Botulinum Toxin Injection training in order to begin performing on patients, there are […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Apply To Become An Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic nurse practitioners perform their work in an aesthetically focused clinic. They work alongside physicians who specialize in aesthetics to adhere to their patient’s wants and needs. A younger appearance, fuller lips, lifted brows, and many other modifications can be made by an aesthetic nurse practitioner.  You may be considering becoming an aesthetic nurse practitioner […]

How Much Medical Training You Need To Inject Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler Injection

Some would assume that training courses would be extremely time-consuming, especially medical training courses, like the ones necessary to become an aesthetics practitioner. This is not 100% true. Some training courses may be more time-consuming than others, which puts a hold on your goal of being well-versed in aesthetics. AAAMS gives you the convenience and […]

The Consultation Process: 5 Tips For Assessing Aesthetics Patients’ Mental Health

Patients Mental Health

For doctors consulting with their patients on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, communicating with them about their end goal is of utmost importance. When they come into your practice, they are ready to ask questions about the procedure they want and have an idea of what they want their results to look like. However, a patient […]

4 Ways Virtual Dermal Filler Training Can Help Enhance Your Career

Dermal filler training

The aesthetics industry has been developing significantly for many years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Dermal filler training are a major piece of that development; as of right now, it is the most popular non-surgical restorative treatment. You don’t want this added value in the aesthetic industry to pass you by. One way […]

4 Things You Will Learn From The AAAMS Dermal Fillers Training 101 Course

Dermal Fillers Training

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) provides dermal filler training that will leave every professional with in-depth knowledge about dermal fillers that will propel their career forward. The top cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures for 2019 were Botox and top tissue fillers, with over a combined 10 million injections performed in the United States. […]

4 Reasons Understanding The Aging Process Enhances Client Satisfaction

Botox Injection Training

For patients interested in cosmetic procedures, the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the United States are injectables like Botox. Botulinum toxin and other injectables such as dermal fillers are known for their anti-aging effects and blurring of wrinkles. For patients coming in to get these results, having a doctor that has in-depth knowledge about […]

4 Ways To Broaden Your Injection Techniques And Improve Patient Satisfaction

aesthetic injection training

In the cosmetic surgery space, patient satisfaction is extremely important. According to the data for satisfaction among patients following Botox® injections, 96% reported it was worth it and they would perform the procedure again. Having a satisfied clientele is what brings people back to do touch-ups and other procedures. Building trust is key, and the […]