So, You’ve Completed Your First AAAMS Aesthetic Training Course—What’s Next?

Aesthetic Training Course

When you prepared to jump into your first AAAMS aesthetic training course, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Sure, you reviewed the course description and learning objectives and checked out your instructor’s bio. But the actual experience of taking aesthetic courses? That was a bit of a mystery.  In the back of your mind, […]

4 Effective Client Retention Strategies for Botox and Dermal Filler Patients

Client Retention Strategies

Ashleigh is a 38-year-old mother of two young children and a successful entrepreneur who runs a small but flourishing floral shop that’s recently been featured in several national media outlets. As Ashleigh finds herself increasingly excited about the attention her business is receiving, she wants to look as energized on the outside as she feels […]

Virtual Aesthetic Training: Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Virtual Aesthetic Training

Are you a nurse, physician’s assistant, or medical practitioner? If so, you probably already know that the market for medical aesthetics is skyrocketing and represents a powerful growth opportunity for your business. And as more and more medical practitioners seek to increase their ROI by incorporating medical aesthetics into their practice, the demand for quality […]

4 Things You’ll Learn from AAAMS Facial Aesthetics 101 Series

Facial Aesthetics

CE Accredited Facial Aesthetics 101 Series is a robust, 17-hour self-paced aesthetic training program that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Within this course, you will be exposed to multiple training videos, demos, and various case studies. The series includes Introduction to Aesthetics, Botulinum Toxins 101, and Dermal Fillers 101. Before […]

6 Skills Every Aesthetic Practice Looks for When Hiring an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Being in the aesthetic profession can lead to a very lucrative career. Professional nurses are already prepped to thrive with basic skills from their education and can continue to grow their careers with the right know-how in the aesthetics industry. Like all nurses, aesthetic nurse practitioners assist patients in maintaining their overall health and well-being. […]

4 Ways to Target the Right Audience for Your Aesthetic Medical Practice

Aesthetic Medical Practice

There is a lot of competition in the aesthetic medicine field. Hoping people will find your website while researching facilities for aesthetic treatments is not going to cut it anymore. While patients’ interest in looking youthful has grown significantly, so has the number of providers. Competition is fierce, so it is extremely important to strategically […]

5 Things to Know Before Beginning Liposuction Training

Liposuction Training

Enrolling in liposuction training provides medical professionals with a great addition to have in their aesthetic medicine skillset. The procedure can be very lucrative for aesthetic medical professionals, and it can be used alongside other standard medical procedures—making it a sensible skill set to add to any practice. For instance, if you work in an […]

5 Things to Avoid When Growing Your Aesthetic Practice

Aesthetic Practice

The aesthetics medicine world is very competitive, so learning as much as you can will guarantee your long-term success. By including aesthetic medicine in your practice, you will be adding a fierce edge to put your business ahead of the competition. In order for you to keep growing, here are five things you should avoid […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Becoming An Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Becoming an aesthetic registered nurse means that you want to focus on treating patients who are receiving aesthetic treatments for cosmetic or health reasons. Working in the aesthetics field is a very rewarding career option that many medical professionals add to their practice for an extra edge. If you are looking into joining the aesthetics […]

6 Things You’ll Learn From The AAAMS Facial Mannequin Training Program

Facial Mannequin Training

Facial Mannequin Training is a comprehensive Botox training course that provides an overview and demonstration of Botox and neurotoxins. It is a 4.5 hour virtual, self-paced program with an optional 17 additional CE credit hours. There is ample equipment provided including free one-year membership to continue your education beyond this class. Here are six things […]

4 Benefits of an Online Aesthetic Community for Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners

Online Community

In the digital age, we can receive any information we need instantaneously and automatically become “friends” with people we may never speak to again. Fortunately, being online can offer people, even professionals, more than just superficial engagement; you can be a part of a community.  Having a group of individuals with similar interests can offer […]

5 Ways Physician’s Assistants Can Take Advantage of The AAAMS Aesthetic Network Membership

Aesthetic Network Membership

AAAMS has provided top-tier education and certification courses to thousands of physicians, registered nurses, and practitioners since 2006. This institution has set the standards for aesthetic and cosmetic surgery training in order to ensure uniform excellence in the care of patients all over the world. By becoming a member of the AAAMS Aesthetic Network, you […]

6 Skills Nurses Need For A Successful Career In Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Nurses

The aesthetic medicine field has experienced extremely rapid growth in recent years as many professional nurses are expanding their skill sets and joining the field. Having proper aesthetic training can offer career flexibility and a chance to earn more revenue. Professional nurses are already prepped to thrive with basic skills from their education, and they […]