Three Ways AAAMS Can Help Jumpstart Your Future in Aesthetic Medicine

AAAMS is America’s leading aesthetic medicine and surgery training community. It’s also the only association committed to training physicians, registered nurses, surgeons, and practitioners from all medical specialties in the art of aesthetics and non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Since 2006, AAAMS has offered a wealth of benefits and assistance to our members in all areas of their practice. 

From training to set up a practice, to networking, to the opportunity to promote and showcase your expertise through membership profile pages, AAAMS is truly a full-service professional medical association.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the unique ways in which an AAAMS membership can and will support you and your medical career.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of AAAMS is as simple as selecting a membership level, completing an application, and submitting your application fee through our encrypted payment website. 

Your membership fee validates membership for six months or one calendar year, depending on which membership tier you select. AAAMS administrators will evaluate your current medical license before approving your application. After that, you’ll be provided a username and password for access to the learning management system.

As an AAAMS member, the benefits you receive include (based on the type of membership you choose):

  • Free Access to Introduction to Aesthetics 101 
  • Free Monthly access to Esthetics e-learning™ webinars covering innovative and novel techniques and Breakthroughs
  • Free Monthly Aesthetic Journal Club: reviewing and discussing the latest articles in Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery selected from prominent educational publications such as Dermatologic Surgery and Plastic & Reconstructive, and others.
  • Free Quarterly access to a virtual clinical case presentation by an educator: Live demo and discussion
  • Free Bi-monthly “Ask the Educator” session: members will share a clinical case

Learning and Connecting with Other Aesthetic Professionals

Upon first logging into AAAMS’ learning management system, you’ll be ready to dive into our Facial Aesthetics Master Program online training

This is a comprehensive program designed to introduce members to the exciting field of facial aesthetics. Once you complete the training, a required final assignment will measure your level of understanding and test your knowledge. 

Successful completion of the program grants you a certificate of completion and access to all of the many other benefits of membership.

As a newly minted AAAMS member, you’ll then be able to learn and stay current on all of the newest aesthetic medicine and surgery training courses. 

You can enroll in courses, connect with fellow members, and get to know AAAMS educators, and inspire new relationships. You can create and join groups, post in the discussion forums, and stay updated on all of the latest aesthetic medicine and surgery topics and techniques.

Supporting Your Business Growth

But the benefits of AAAMS membership don’t stop at first-class continuing education opportunities, promotion, and networking. Once you’ve completed your training and are ready to get to work, AAAMS will be there to help you every step of the way. 

In addition to our aesthetics procedure training, you’ll also have the opportunity to enroll in the Introduction to Business of Aesthetics Online Course. This 1-hour online program introduces physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, aesthetic practice or med spa owners, medical directors, practice managers, sales consultants, and practice administrators to the business side of the med spa industry. 

The course will help you identify your individual business goals so that you can clearly understand how to transition and thrive in the medical spa and aesthetic medicine space. 

Some course objectives include:

  • What’s Our Industry Worth? (Billions)
  • How Much Are Clients Worth?
  • Return on Investment and Profitability
  • Research Your Market
  • The Aesthetics Patient Chart
  • Aesthetics Patient Photography
  • You Are Your Aesthetics Portfolio
  • Social Media Matters
  • The Non-Medical Consultation Process
  • Effectiveness in Communication
  • Juggling Client Emotions
  • What Does Your Success Look Like Now?
  • Six Proven Steps to Reach Success

In addition to this formal course study, AAAMS will also work hand-in-hand with you, for the duration of your membership, as you jump into the business of running a successful practice. Whenever you need us, AAAMS will be on call for help or a second opinion. We’ll also guide you in regards to the legal aspects of owning your own practice. AAAMS will even provide letters of recommendation and serve as a reference as you seek employment in aesthetic medicine.

Building a successful future in the medical profession can be a formidable and complex undertaking, and that’s on top of the actual practice of medicine. To be as successful as you have the potential to be, you need help, and AAAMS is here to give it to you.

Sign up now, to start benefiting from your membership right away.

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