4 Things You Will Learn From The AAAMS Dermal Fillers Training 101 Course

Dermal Fillers Training

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) provides dermal filler training that will leave every professional with in-depth knowledge about dermal fillers that will propel their career forward. The top cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures for 2019 were Botox and top tissue fillers, with over a combined 10 million injections performed in the United States. Having this skill may greatly expand the number of services you can provide to patients and other benefits.

Here are four things you will learn from the AAAMS Dermal Fillers 101 training course.

Facial Aging Process

An important lesson that is covered in Dermal Fillers Training 101 is the facial aging process. Having knowledge of the different regions of the face can lead to having a more satisfied patient base and better and specialized technique.

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Learning about the facial aging process will allow you to answer any question about natural aging patients might have before getting a procedure. Having a very scientific and precise response can lead to the patient having a very positive experience with the practitioner, which increases satisfaction. Also, knowing what patients want their outcome to look like in regards to anti-aging and achieving a younger look can help you navigate techniques that will turn out in their favor. 

Injection Techniques For Different Areas of the Face

Another aspect of having specialized techniques is paying attention to which area of the face you are injecting. In this course, you will train for injecting dermal fillers into the upper, middle and lower areas of the face. These are common areas of concern for patients. They often want their wrinkles to be erased and imperfections to be blurred. Knowing what methods work best for each area of the face can impact how the results will turn out for that person.

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Specific Procedure Demonstrations

A unique aspect of the course is the demonstration videos shown to all students. These procedures include eyebrow lift, glabellar and forehead lines, nasolabial folds and marionette line corrections. Proper injection techniques for treating popular concerns such as hollowness under the eyes and chin contouring are some of the topics addressed in the videos. This first-hand view of injections in action serves as a way for those learning about the best techniques to see how it would look if they were performing the procedure.

First-Person Consultation

Another unique aspect of this course is the inclusion of first-person patient consultations by AAAMS President Dr. Sam Assassa. In these videos, Dr. Assassa has a video camera connected to him while he consults patients and performs injections on them. This provides a day-to-day perspective of what a cosmetic or aesthetic practitioner goes through at their office. No other online aesthetic training program offers such a detailed series of videos.

Going through training for dermal fillers can offer a wide range of opportunities to its students. By going through virtual videos and demonstrations, you can remotely learn about important topics that enhance your performance of injecting fillers. To learn more, explore all of the aesthetic courses AAAMS offers today!