5 Things To Know Before Beginning Your Dermal Filler Training

Dermal Filler Training

Preparing for your dermal filler training is an exciting process. Once you complete your course, you become one step closer to achieving your goals, whether it is to be a cosmetic surgery nurse or to practice as an aesthetic practitioner. 

During your aesthetic training, you will learn about the facial aging process, facial analyses that relate to dermal fillers, and classifications of dermal fillers. It also covers injection techniques and how to avoid complications. 

Here are five things you need to know before beginning your dermal filler training. 

The Benefits of a Virtual Course

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) has a beginner-level facial aesthetics course called Dermal Fillers Training 101. It is a completely online and self-paced course about seven and a half hours in length. Having lessons planned out like this gives your students more flexibility. You can learn in between your current job or take time out on the weekends if your weekdays are too busy. 

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Student Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in this course, you must be a currently licensed doctor (MD, DO), nurse (NP, RN), physician assistant (PA), or dentist (DDS, DMD, BDS). We know you have a busy full-time schedule, so the flexible course structure will benefit you and allow you to continue with your day job.

Get Trained In A Growing Industry

By entering the dermal filler space, you are getting a leg up in a growing industry. The North American dermal filler market share was valued at over USD 1.8 billion in 2019 and the compound annual growth rate is expected to grow to over 6.8% from 2020 to 2026. The demand for minimally invasive procedures such as facial fillers has grown and med spas and doctor’s offices can tell from the number of clients walking through their doors. This increase in procedures shows that many patients are looking for dermal fillers as part of their beauty routine and will benefit from more experts in the field.

Learn About A Broad Variety Topics 

In addition to learning about facial analyses relative to dermal fillers, this course goes over a broad variety of topics. You will go in-depth into the anatomy of regional facial nerve blocks and training for dermal filler injection techniques. Also, the videos included in the training will be a series of demonstrations covering corrective procedures to help you more effectively learn.

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Learn From First-Person Demonstrations

One series of videos provided in this course include the first-person interaction with a patient from Dr. Sam Assassa. In these lessons, you will experience consultations with patients and you will see Dr. Assassa performing injections. With these videos, you will get to see how a trained doctor interacts with his patients. This is a unique opportunity to get into a doctor’s perspective as an aesthetic practitioner. 

With the dermal filler training provided by AAAMS, students will gain knowledge on a widely popular cosmetic procedure. The cosmetic surgery industry has seen growth in recent years and continues to be a very lucrative space. Get ahead of the curve and educate yourself in an emerging field that gives your career more growth potential in your industry. 

Enroll in the introductory aesthetics courses with AAAMS today!