The Top 4 Social Networking Sites Every Aesthetic Practitioner Should Know About

If you’re an aesthetics professional, knowing how to use specialized social networking platforms to your advantage can be the difference between being a good and great practitioner. Not only can social networking serve as a great tool for collaborating with and learning from your peers, it can also serve as a powerful platform for generating referrals, establishing industry thought leadership, building your reputation, differentiating your practice, attracting new hires, expanding your skill set with online aesthetic courses, and more.  

Here are the top four platforms that Aesthetic practitioners can benefit from:

AAAMS Aesthetics Network

AAAMS Aesthetics Network is our newly launched social networking site. On it, you’ll find a wealth of content for a wide range of aesthetics professionals, as well as thought-provoking conversations and daily hiring alerts.  

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AAAMS Aesthetics Network is a premium hub for aesthetics professionals who practice within the same specialties in a local area. It facilitates peer-to-peer conversations about industry challenges and opportunities and fosters the free exchange of ideas, solutions, and growth strategies for meeting them. It also serves as a forum for disseminating news of breaking industry advancements and for sharing best-practices that ensure the highest levels of patient care.


Sermo connects physicians worldwide, representing a network of more than 800,000 users across the globe. Sermo’s mission is to connect as many doctors as possible, offering an extensive platform optimized for peer-to-peer collaboration and learning. With its massive volume of users and fully searchable archive of conversations numbering in the tens of thousands, there’s almost no topic that’s been left unturned and no question that has gone unanswered. For this reason, Sermo may be the world’s largest clearing-house of user-generated medical content and insight. 

Incision Academy

True to its name, this site serves as an open platform for peer-to-peer learning in the areas of surgical advancements, applications, ideas, and insights. Participating in the Incisions Academy online community is a bit like attending an extended surgical conference or being enrolled in an ongoing continuing education course. As surgeons draw on industry brain trust to discuss tough questions, explore new techniques, solve complex challenges, and develop state-of-the-art solutions, the field is advanced and patient care is elevated.  


Medscape is yet another platform that promotes networking and collaboration between various kinds of medical practitioners. The platform is specifically designed to facilitate the asking and answering of questions between professionals. It also provides access to a comprehensive array of content designed to help practitioners keep abreast of industry developments, enhance their expertise, and enrich their practices.

What are you waiting for?! 

Social networking is a key part of any practitioner’s professional development and successful growth strategy. If you’re not yet taking advantage of the immense benefits that come with peer-to-peer learning and support, isn’t it high time you started today? 

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