The Art of Botox Injection

Yes, You Can Learn the Art of Botox Injection

When people get Botox treatment, they want to be able to look younger and have a more filled out face. It helps them feel better about their appearance and can prevent aging. It’s a very popular process that is offered by nearly all dermatologists.

Have you wanted to learn how to administer a Botox injection but weren’t sure that you could branch into aesthetic services. Our amazing staff at the AAAMS can teach you to perform an aesthetic Botox Injection in a professional comprehensive program. You simply need to be certified in all of the areas necessary to perform the injections safely and professionally, our courses will provide you and your staff with hands on real life training.

Botox injection training is not limited to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Previous Botox injection training students include a wide range of medical disciplines including physicians, nurses, physician assistants and dentists. You can perform a Botox injection even if you have little or no previous experience performing aesthetic procedures. You can indeed expand your practice into aesthetic services once you have gone through this Botox injection training program.

Botox injection training at The AAAMS is a comprehensive program that covers patient selection and interaction, aging, Botox history, techniques, risks, benefits, contraindications, patient demonstration and patient hands on sessions. In addition we will train you how to add aesthetic services to your current practice and also how to market your aesthetic services including social media marketing.

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