How to Find the Perfect Aesthetic Training Program for Your Personality, Preferences, and Budget


Do you think of yourself as an introvert? An extrovert? An ambivert? (Or maybe just a unicorn?) Are you known for being a night owl or an early bird who always gets the worm? Do you prefer the “push” of a hard deadline or the “pull” of managing your own time? Are you a travel hound always looking for your next adventure, or are you a die-hard homebody who thinks heaven is in your backyard? Do you tend to learn best in group settings or thrive in environments where you can fly somewhat solo? (Or flexibly shift between these two modes?) 

No doubt, you’ve thought about these questions before, but here’s the thing: Most aesthetic training platforms haven’t, and that’s no bueno

AAAMS—No More Procrustean Beds

AAAMS is the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. We are a fully-accredited, industry-leading aesthetics training and certification platform with more than 15 years of experience preparing the next generation of aesthetic practitioners. Before we ever designed our first program, we gave a lot of thought to the questions we posed above. Why? Because for too many RNs, NPs, PAs, and dental hygienists pursuing aesthetics training, the experience can feel like being forced into a Procrustean bed.  

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The Case of Procrustes

In case you’re a little rusty on your ancient Greek mythology, Procrustes was the stuff of true-crime documentaries. Procrustes resided along a well-traveled road between Athens and Eleusis and regularly invited passers-by to stay the night in an iron bed. (Sounds uncomfy, right? But it’s about to get worse.) Every traveler who accepted the invitation found that they were too big for the bed. But Procrustes had a simple solution: simply cut off whatever part of them was posing the problem. 

This story, of course, is purely symbolic, and it speaks to the ways that we often unwittingly find ourselves in uncomfortable and potentially destructive Procrustean beds: professional environments, personal relationships, educational paths, and so forth that are a poor fit for our personalities, preferences, strengths, limitations, wants, and needs. When we’re stuck in a Procrustean bed, it becomes all but impossible to fulfill our potential because we’re forced to cut off, deny, minimize, or leave behind aspects of ourselves that could otherwise be expressed and used to our advantage. 

As applied to aesthetics training, the point of the myth of Procrustes is that one size does not fit all. This means that we long ago realized that our student’s success (and ultimately, our own) could be best supported by learning environments tailored to their personalities, preferences, needs, and budgets. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know to choose the perfect training program and path to Botox and dermal filler certification that’s right for you. 

Flexible Prerequisites That Fit Everyone

Dermal filler and botox certification begin with three prerequisites that prepare you for your certification course. These prerequisites include: 

These courses are designed to be flexible enough to fit everyone. For example, each of these courses is virtual and self-paced, meaning you decide when, where, and how quickly you want to complete them. Whether you’re a night owl who does your best learning after midnight or an early bird who likes to jump into your training before the sun rises, you can work on your courses at the time of the day that’s best for you and your schedule. 

If you’re somebody who enjoys a leisurely learning journey, you can spread these courses out over multiple weeks or months. On the other hand, if you’re somebody who wants to power through them as quickly as possible, you can bundle them into a single course and complete them within just a few days. (The first option gives you the benefit of paying as you go, while the second option lets you pay for your prerequisites in a lump sum and save 10% while you’re at it!) 

Finding Your “Goldilocks Spot” With the AAAMS Aesthetics Network

Because some students prefer more solo learning journeys and some lean more toward collaborative learning, we make it easy for you to find your “Goldilocks spot” with our Aesthetics Network. It’s an exclusive social and professional networking platform created exclusively for the AAAMS community. It instantly connects you to your fellow students, instructors, and senior practitioners so you can get the support, guidance, and mentorship you need to make the most of your aesthetics journey. You can interact on the platform as little or as much as you like and take advantage of on-demand webinars, in-depth training materials, job listings and referrals, and even discounts on AAAMS courses. 

Certification Courses for Homebodies, Travel-Hounds, and Penny Pinchers Alike 

Once you complete your prerequisites, you’re just one course away from certification. You’ll probably prefer our virtual certification course if you’re more of an introvert or a die-hard homebody. It lets you earn your Botox, dermal filler, and chemical peel certification from your learning room sofa or kitchen table. And if you’re looking to cut down your certification costs, the virtual option is a great way to dispense with travel expenses. 

You’ll probably prefer our hybrid certification course if you’re more of an extrovert or travel hound. As its name suggests, it’s a mix of virtual and in-person training conducted at our Beverly Hills location. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get the same training, personal supervision, and hands-on experience that will give you the understanding, skills, and confidence you need for a happy, healthy, rewarding career in today’s fastest-growing specialty

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Botox Training to the Rescue. How Aesthetic Medicine Can Help You Have a Happier, Healthier, Nursing Career

You’ll Love Training With AAAMS

Nobody should be forced into a Procrustean bed. When acquiring new skills and launching a new career or simply expanding their current one, everyone should be given a chance to learn in a way that best supports their success. 

To learn more about us and botox and filler training, visit our website. See what our students say about us, join the AAAMS community through the Aesthetics Network, and enroll in the course that’s right for you today. You’ll love training with us!