Top 10 Things MDs Need to Look for When Selecting a Liposuction Training Course

liposuction training course for MDs

MDs who are entertaining the idea of expanding and growing their practice with liposuction often spend considerable time researching training platforms for this high-demand procedure—and for good reason. Not only are there multiple platforms to choose from, but physicians also need to feel confident they’ll receive top-tier training backed by a reputable professional body.

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Fortunately, multiple platforms exist that fit this bill, but even so, not all platforms are created equal. There’s a lot more to consider when selecting the platform to which you’ll entrust your training and career growth. As you continue your research into liposuction training, here are 10 things to look for to ensure you’ll feel confident about your decision. 

  1. Accreditation

It should go without saying that if the platform you’re researching isn’t fully accredited, it should immediately be out of the running. Accreditation ensures that the professional body behind the platform has demonstrated adherence to the highest industry standards and is current on all licensure requirements. 

  1. A Stellar Reputation

Just because an aesthetics training platform is accredited doesn’t mean it will necessarily excel in curriculum design or create an optimal learning environment for students. There’s a big difference between maintaining industry standards and setting a standard that sets the bar for the industry. 

  1. A Track Record of Success

Before selecting a platform, look into its history. Has it existed long enough to learn and apply valuable lessons from its startup days while continuing to innovate, evolve, and demonstrate longevity? And perhaps most importantly, what has it accomplished? How many students has it successfully prepared for a career in aesthetic medicine, and how do they feel about their training experience? (Does the platform include compelling testimonials?)

  1. Industry Leadership

Does the platform stand out as an industry leader? Have the physicians behind it contributed significantly to advancing their field? Have they taken the industry leader in creating a platform and value offerings that its competitors attempt to emulate? 

  1. World-Class Instructors

Are courses taught by not only accomplished physicians but also by gifted educators? Are they invested in the success of their students, and do they have a knack for scaling the curriculum to different learning styles and preferences? Are they as personable as they are professional? Are they well versed in the latest industry developments, treatment approaches, and technologies? 

  1. Comprehensive Course Overviews

A commitment to something as professionally significant as liposuction training shouldn’t be made without an understanding of the finer details. The platform in question should include detailed course information on the following:

  • Training prerequisites
  • Licensure 
  • Delivery format (virtual or hybrid)
  • Dates
  • Time commitment
  • Price
  • Instructor
  • Topics
  • Learning objectives 
  • CE Credits
  • Detailed course overview
  1. Accelerated Learning Protocols

Do aesthetic courses appear padded with activities designed to unnecessarily extend training times to justify excessive enrollment costs? When you look into the details of the course, do they reflect a targeted, relevant, and streamlined approach to training? Is the course long enough and hands-on enough to ensure a robust training experience while also employing accelerated learning protocols? 

  1. Flexible Options

Are course offerings flexible enough to accommodate your schedule? Are they frequent enough that if you miss the window for one, you won’t be facing an extended delay until the next one commences? Where reasonable, are both virtual and hybrid courses available?  

  1. Professional Networking 

Success in any field is greatly enhanced by networking. Still, for MDs without a background in plastics, it can be challenging to make and benefit from connections with other aesthetics professionals. If the platform in question has built a model that facilitates these connections for you, this can give you an even stronger base to build your business on. 

    10. Business Support  

Running an aesthetics business comes with a unique set of challenges. When researching a training platform, determine if it offers a business-focused course to get you off to a running start with everything from sales, marketing, patient retention, and more.  

Liposuction Training With the AAAMS Checks All Ten Boxes

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AAAMS has led the industry in being the first to launch a LinkedIn-inspired professional Aesthetics Network. This network provides members with instant access to ongoing peer support and collaboration, mentorship opportunities, news of breaking industry developments, exclusive learning resources, invitations to special events, discounts on AAAMS courses, and much, much more. Between top-tier training, access to our professional network, and our business-focused courses, we’ll give you everything you need to launch a thriving and profitable aesthetics practice

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