Is Dermal Filler Training Fun? It’s That, and So Much More

botox and dermal filler training

Usually, when you think of leveling up your skill set, investing in your career, or expanding your scope of practice with Botox and filler training, it’s not like “fun” is the first word that comes to mind. Instead, you probably think of words like hustle, grind, drive, ambition, commitment, and dedication—you know, all the words that imply the expenditure of some serious and sustained effort. 

And all of that is super important. All of that is necessary for building anything worthwhile (your career, for example), but it’s not the whole story. (And if you ask us, thinking that’s all there is to it, is kind of missing the point. The journey itself is the point. So if it isn’t its own reward, you’re probably headed toward the wrong destination.) That said, there’s no denying aesthetic training with AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) can be challenging, acquiring any new skill always is, but it’s also a lot of fun. 

Optimizing Learning Environments By Balancing Rigor With Playfulness 

On its surface, AAAMS can seem “all business.” After all, we are the fully-accredited, industry-leading platform for excellence in aesthetic education. Our training courses are highly rigorous and deliver the most sophisticated instruction on the market, thanks to our seasoned and influential experts who represent the top names in aesthetic medicine. But there’s more to AAAMS than our robust curriculum. 

We believe that optimized learning environments comprise much more than the actual knowledge, skills, and techniques that we teach. (As critical as these are.) We believe that students thrive in environments that balance rigorous learning objectives with humor, light-heartedness, open encouragement, and genuine camaraderie. In short, we believe that this very human approach to rigorous instruction helps students feel at ease and enjoy the training process. Thus, they more easily internalize and master everything they’re learning. To get a feel for this and a sneak peek into our courses, check out this short clip to see how playfulness is an integral aspect of the learning process. And remember, don’t be afraid to use your pinky finger!

Combining Art and Science in Fascinating Ways 

There are no two ways about it—aesthetic training is intrinsically fun. Why? Because it combines art and science in ways that demand your eye for balance, symmetry, and harmony is just as developed as your knowledge of facial anatomy, familiarity with neuromodulators and soft-tissue fillers, and injection technique. At AAAMS, all of our training rests on the ideal proportions articulated in the ancient mathematical formula of the Golden Ratio. Learning to develop your artistic eye and apply its universal principles to facial anatomy is a fascinating exercise. Students find it incredibly satisfying to transform their patients’ faces in ways that leave them feeling delighted and more confident in their own skin. And with next-generation aesthetic injectables and techniques constantly being developed as the field evolves, there’s always a fun new challenge to tackle and master. 

Learning, Growing, and Professional Advancing, Together 

One of the best parts of learning is the community aspect. Not only is the social component of learning a source of enormous enjoyment for most people (collegiality plays a huge role in personal and professional satisfaction), but it’s a critical resource for career advancement. Access to and participation in a professional network is as indispensable to a rewarding aesthetics journey as successfully reaching your career destination. 

This is why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network, a professional community designed exclusively for aesthetic practitioners. Membership in this community ensures you have ongoing access to peer support, mentorship opportunities, job listings and referrals, dedicated learning resources, invitations to special industry events, and much, much more. And, perhaps more to the point, when you’re able to directly share the questions, struggles, discoveries, and triumphs of your own aesthetic journey with others on the same path, the entire process feels that much more gratifying.    

Yes, it can be challenging to master Botox and dermal filler injections, but we go out of our way to ensure it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re ready to take your first step into the exciting field of aesthetic medicine, visit our website today. Explore our courses, check out everything the Aesthetic Network has to offer, and get started. You will love training with us!