How Nurses Can Beat Burnout With Botox Training


If you’re a nurse, you’ve been hearing (long before the global pandemic) about the nursing crisis—the supposed shortage of nursing professionals. But what you may not know is this: only recently has a virtual avalanche of press coverage been unleashed. In it, industry experts, insiders, and nurses themselves reveal what’s really behind the crisis—corporate greed that’s infected the way hospitals are run and staffed. 

In a recent video op-ed, The New York Times exposed how this bottom-line-at-all-costs approach to healthcare is so exploitive and unsustainable that it’s driving unprecedented levels of burnout in nurses. This, in turn, is increasingly leading to a mass exodus of hospital-based nurses into non-hospital-based specialties or new professions entirely. (And that, as you may be able to personally attest, is the primary reason behind the nursing shortage—not a lack of qualified nurses, but nurses who report they simply “can’t take it” anymore.) 

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The Top Challenges Hospital-Based Nurses are Faced With

To understand why Botox training and certification can be such a powerful strategy for beating burnout, it’s first necessary to identify challenges that you’re likely all too familiar with: 

  • Long hours, unpredictable shifts, frequent weekend shifts, or occasional or even regular 7-10-day work “weeks” with only a day off between them   
  • Overwhelming numbers of patients (imbalanced nurse-to-patient ratios)
  • An expectation of assuming more and more responsibilities without adequate support, compensation, or appreciation
  • Less and less ability to exercise professional judgment and personal autonomy on behalf of your patients 
  • Hyper-formulaic, cookie-cutter, paint-by-numbers approaches to healthcare that treat you, your fellow nurses, and even patients like cogs in a giant, institutional wheel
  • Work environments that are impersonal, aesthetically uninspiring, and poorly designed to generate an experience of comfort and wellbeing 
  • Having to deal with excessive “office politics” due to complex corporate hierarchies that make up the institutional practice of medicine
  • Seeing the zero-sum games that insurance companies often play in order to deny patients coverage for desperately needed treatments or procedures 
  • Caring deeply for your patients but having lost your love for a career you were once passionate about 
  • Constantly feeling on the verge of burnout and questioning whether you’re in the right profession

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Why Botox Training Can Offer You a Hopeful Way Forward

Botox and filler training and certification can help you beat burnout and reinvigorate your nursing career because aesthetic medicine is an entirely different animal from hospital-based medicine. Straight down the line, everything that’s wrong with institutional medicine is not only conspicuously absent from aesthetic medicine but the glorious opposite of it: 

  • 9-5 office hours (give or take) and 5-day work-weeks are the norm. This means an end to unpredictable and exhausting work schedules, as well as finally getting your weekends back for maybe the first time since college!
  • Reasonable nurse-to-patient ratios so you’re no longer in a position of being constantly overwhelmed
  • A reduction in the number of responsibilities you’re expected to handle that comes with the escape from bureaucratic exploitation
  • The encouragement and expectation that you’ll exercise your best judgment when it comes to assessing and treating your patients
  • A recovery of the individuality and humanness that have been stripped from institutional medicine
  • A healthier workspace that is deliberately designed to be warm, welcoming, thoughtfully designed, and conducive to a sense of wellbeing for you and your patients
  • A significant reduction in office politics since the incentive structures that drive them are not a part of aesthetic medicine
  • Relief from insurance-related issues since aesthetic medicine falls under the purview of elective procedures
  • An opportunity to continue making a positive difference in your patients’ lives while increasing the quality of your own
  • A return to work-life balance, the regaining of your love for your chosen profession, and the feeling of being reinspired about your career

Pretty impressive, right? When you see it broken down like that, it’s easy to see why many nurses leaving hospital-based nursing are making a move to aesthetic medicine!

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