4 Ways To Broaden Your Injection Techniques And Improve Patient Satisfaction

aesthetic injection training

In the cosmetic surgery space, patient satisfaction is extremely important. According to the data for satisfaction among patients following Botox® injections, 96% reported it was worth it and they would perform the procedure again. Having a satisfied clientele is what brings people back to do touch-ups and other procedures. Building trust is key, and the doctor-patient relationship is of utmost importance. Without this, your practice will suffer and will lose patients.

As an aesthetic medicine practitioner, expanding your knowledge base can greatly improve your practice. Here are four ways to broaden your injection techniques and improve patient satisfaction.

Earn Certification

If you have little to no experience performing aesthetic procedures, the most important part of being able to start performing injections is to earn the proper certification. To receive certifications for popular procedures such as botulinum toxin (Botox®), dermal fillers, and chemical peels, you will need to go through training. The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) offers an intermediate level course that gives you those certifications once you complete the training. 

Completely virtual aesthetic courses are available, which is great for cutting costs and learning remotely. If you prefer in-person learning, aesthetic training is offered in Beverly Hills, CA during specific dates.

In-Depth Learning

Another class offered at AAAMS is a facial aesthetics course that includes an overview of many topics within the industry. With the lessons on facial structures, nerves, and muscles, you will have comprehensive knowledge of physical details of one’s face. When a patient has a question about where you will be injecting fillers, your background in facial anatomy and physiology will help best answer their question. When a patient knows that you are giving detailed and accurate information, this becomes part of a positive experience. 

In the Facial Aesthetics 101 Series, you will also learn about how to apply different filler injection techniques, which you can tailor to each of your patients. This will reduce the risk of complications which can occur with injections. The course includes lessons over Botox® and dermal filler training, which will allow you to offer more services in your practice.

Build Patient Relationships

With cosmetic surgery, many patients choose to return to their doctors for a touch-up or to finish a procedure. With Botox®, results tend to last three to six months. After this period, patients may want to come back for further procedures and maintenance. To establish a great experience, you have to establish trust. Our training does this through minimizing errors. All of our online and in-person training covers a variety of potential mistakes and shows you how to best avoid them or recover from them, including treatment of previous errors. This helps build credibility and deepen trust with your clients – they know that no matter what happens, they are in good hands.

Specialized Training

If you would like to offer your patients comprehensive services in a specific area, gaining expertise in that area is a fantastic way to start! Once you’ve gained a solid foundation and understanding of basic aesthetic techniques, furthering your education can help you become an expert in more advanced techniques. For instance, after completing introductory dermal filler training, you may want to explore a course on a specific procedure: Vector Facelifts by dermal fillers. In the Vector Facelift course, you will learn to perform a non-surgical facelift using the dermal filler Radiesse. 

Being known amongst your peers and patients as the go-to practitioner for dermal fillers will expand your reach as patients seek out the best results.

However you choose to broaden your techniques and improve satisfaction among your patients, AAAMS has several ways to help you gain the education you need to grow.