How Can Botox Training Help You Build As A Dentist

Botox Training

Botox is known in the cosmetic industry as a solution to reduce the appearance of aging. There is more to botox than just reducing aging, such as the treatment of orofacial conditions. These are some of the many benefits for Dental Hygienists to enroll in aesthetics training

Botox for Dental Patients 

Botox is helpful in dentistry for many different reasons. It can aid in correcting parafunctional clenching, trismus, extracapsular myogenic temporomandibular disorder, and headaches caused by these conditions.  

Comprehensive treatment plans can and should involve the use of Botox. Botox shouldn’t be a procedure performed on its own. Only those obtaining proper training at the dental office have the ability to administer Botox to patients. 

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Why Dentist Should Train in Botox

Dentists and dental hygienists perform very high-level procedures in the office, which makes them capable of performing Botox. The proper education is necessary and required to effectively perform Botox on patients safely regardless of their potential. Dental concerns are common and you want to offer all possible relief options.

It is important to know that botox can treat medical conditions along with cosmetic preferences. It is helpful to enroll in aesthetic courses to receive a botox certification and avoid denying your patients of their wants and needs. Sometimes botox can be an alternative to treatments that are unsuccessful. Getting ahead of the popular trend can help dentist offices aid patients when others cannot. 

Courses Available 

Botox Training 

The Botulinum Toxins 101 course is a comprehensive training course that provides an overview and demonstration of botulinum toxin (Botox) and neurotoxin injections. You gain knowledge about facial muscle anatomy and its relation to facial expressions, clinical assessment, and the technique of botulinum toxin injections.

The guideline of this course is laid out as: the history of neurotoxins, the molecular structure, mode of action, indications and contraindications, pitfalls of neurotoxin application and how to avoid them.

This training is geared towards licensed medical practitioners without a prior understanding of neurotoxins. By the end of this program participants should be able to point out key facial muscles, create treatment plans, and inject botulinum toxin safely with minimal to no complications.

Dermal Filler Training

The Dermal Fillers 101 training course provides a complete overview of the facial aging process, how a facial analysis should be conducted in relation to dermal fillers, and the proper injection technique for different sectors of the face.

The additional topics in this course will be on the anatomy of regional facial nerve blocks, training for dermal fillers and injection techniques for the upper, middle and lower areas of the face, and how to avoid and treat filler complications

During the facial aging portion of training, participants will learn the process with a focus on blood vessels and nerve anatomy in relation to dermal fillers. Participants will master creating a treatment plan, choosing filler rheology that’s necessary for each anatomical area, and apply a variety of filler injection techniques for the best patient outcomes.

Botox, Dermal Fillers, and an Introduction Combined

The CE Accredited Facial Aesthetics 101 series combines Botulinum Toxins 101 and Dermal Fillers 101 with an Introduction to Aesthetics course for those of you who have zero knowledge of aesthetics. The purpose of this series is to provide participants with an extensive introduction and proper foundation to facial aesthetics.  

This thorough training series is intended for participants searching to gain a complete understanding of facial aesthetics and learn the varying treatments in aesthetic medicine. Participants learn the foundation of facial anatomy and physiognomy, along with botox and dermal fillers.

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It doesn’t stop here – AAAMS has many aesthetic training courses that dentists can be involved in. Expand your knowledge and excel in your career by checking out AAAMS today.