Botox Courses for Nurses That Check All the Right Boxes


What to Look For in Botox Courses

There are a lot of aesthetic training platforms out there. So, if you’re a nurse that’s been thinking about getting your Botox and filler training, it can sometimes be hard to feel confident that you’re going to select the one that’s best for you. In fact, you might be wondering to yourself if there’s even much of a difference between them and whether it really matters which one you choose. To help you answer this question for yourself, you need to know exactly what you should be looking for in a platform. After all, if you don’t know what to look for, it’s impossible to make an accurate assessment. Here are the four boxes you’ll need to check. 

Full Accreditation

This is first and foremost. If an aesthetic training platform isn’t accredited, run. Accreditation is the non-negotiable bar-to-entry for a platform to even warrant further consideration. Accreditation is the industry stamp of approval that you’ll be training with a licensed organization that has met strict compliance standards and is subject to industry oversight. On its own, accreditation doesn’t mean that the platform is necessarily the right choice for you. But it does mean that you can rule out any concerns related to a lack of compliance with industry standards. 

A Proven, Trusted Track Record

Thanks to a complex combination of socio-cultural, techno-economic, and even geopolitical factors related to the global pandemic, demand for medical aesthetics has soared. A study by Fortune 50 consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. found that investment in medspas, beauty bars, and aesthetics clinics represents 3.1 billion worth of investment, making these businesses the fastest growing in the medical sector. 

RNs, NPs, PAs, doctors, and dentists are racing to acquire the training and certification that makes it easy to expand their practice and grow their business with aesthetic medicine. To meet the demand for this training, many new platforms have sprung up almost overnight with relatively little experience and actual graduates to vouchsafe the quality of their offerings, sustainability of their business model, and longevity. When selecting a Botox or dermal filler training platform, a new, beautiful website with all the bells and whistles can be deceptive. While the platform may be completely legitimate and may even offer high-quality services, you’re better off going with one that has a long track record of proven, trusted experience that extends over a decade or more.   

Bragging Rights 

When selecting a training platform, pay special attention to its founders, faculty, and staff. Take note of the universities and institutions through which they’ve received their education and training and whether these universities and institutions are well known and well respected. Take stock of the professional bodies that faculty members belong to and contribute. Look at their professional accomplishments and the number of scientific papers they’ve published. Both should be numerous and ongoing. Look to see whether faculty members have been granted hospital privileges. Last, follow the platform’s social media pages, and read reviews and testimonials about the platform to get a feel for its “personality” and how actual students and graduates feel about it. 

A Supportive Learning Environment and Professional Network 

Research into adult professional development demonstrates that supportive learning environments that give students the best possible chance of success are made of three essential ingredients: warm affirmation, appropriate challenge, and ongoing participation in a learning community or professional network. It also shows that combinations of self-directed/paced learning and collaborative/group learning are optimal for generating a positive, productive learning experience. Further, it finds that curriculum designed with sensitivity to students’ varying temperaments, learning styles, and personal preferences dramatically improves learning outcomes.      

AAAMS Checks Every Box and Delivers the Best-of-the-Best in Aesthetic Training

If you’re looking for an aesthetics training platform that checks all the right boxes, you can feel confident about training with our amazing faculty and students at AAAMS. We give you full accreditation, over 15 years of proven experience, world-class faculty, an optimized learning environment, an incredibly supportive learning community, and a ready-made professional Aesthetics Network to fuel your success. 

If you’re ready to take the first step of a new adventure into the exciting world of aesthetic medicine, visit our website to learn more about what makes AAAMS the ideal choice for Botox and dermal filler training and certification. Peruse our courses, explore everything in the AAAMS Aesthetics Network, and enroll today. A new career adventure awaits! 

We look forward to training with you!