Top 5 Benefits Of Joining The AAAMS Aesthetic Network

Learn more about AAAMS Aesthetic Network and the benefits of the network to an Aesthetic Professional

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) launched the first of its kind platform dedicated to connecting aesthetic professionals across the world. With a small fee, you can connect with a group of like-minded people and have in-depth conversations about aesthetic medicine. 

Here are the top five benefits of joining the AAAMS Aesthetic Network.

Participate in Exclusive Forums

There are different forums that the AAAMS Network offers to its members. Anyone can join in and discuss innovative and novel techniques and emerging methods around aesthetic medicine in the “Aesthetic & Medical Culture Talks” forum. In the “Journal Club” forum, members review prominent educational publications and journals with the intent of discussing the latest news in their field. For the upper membership tiers, access to the “Ask the Educator” forum is included, which allows members to seek advice from experts and receive feedback from their peers.

Find Inspiration

Talking to your peers or experts in your profession can also help you find the inspiration that can help you succeed. Thought-provoking conversations and one-on-one discussions with experts in the field help build your knowledge of aesthetic medicine and the latest trends. This is a unique opportunity to discover other approaches to aesthetic medicine and learn from other doctors. 

Network and Build Community

Oneline networking helps start up a conversation with people in your field from all over the world. You may discover other people’s talents and accomplishments, while also discussing yours. Soon, you will know more about other people’s backgrounds, where they practice, and what specialty they focus on. This can help you explore more opportunities in aesthetic medicine you would have not found by yourself, helping expand your career and reach your goals. 

Discounts on AAAMS Courses

AAAMS offers a variety of courses that inform students about the best aesthetic and non-invasive techniques and practices. As an Aesthetic Network member, you will receive discounts on programs that AAAMS offers. The higher the membership tier, the deeper the discount. With the highest two-tier, you will also receive a free course. The 4R’s of Facial Rejuvenation aesthetic course is an online and self-paced course that teaches about facial aesthetics and restoring beauty to the face.

Access to Exclusive Content

Joining the aesthetic network also gives you a discounted one-on-one consultation with an aesthetic medical professional where you can ask for any advice or feedback. This is a great resource for figuring out what the next step in your career should be, or what works best for your practice. The top two tiers also gain access to a quarterly Zoom clinical case presentation. In these meetings, members will watch a live demonstration and be able to discuss their findings with each other. Access to specialized educational tools like these meetings is invaluable towards your education. Being a part of this network can help you grow to the place you want to be.
AAAMS Aesthetic Network is made up of professionals and experts in the aesthetic field and students and members who are eager to learn more about the field. To join, browse our monthly and annual plans to discover how this community can be a place to connect and share with others.