Why Aesthetics Practitioners Love Their Profession (And Why You Will Too)

why aesthetic practioners love their profession

Do you love aesthetics? Not medical aesthetics, per se (we’ll get to that shortly), but simply aesthetics as defined by our old friend, Merriam-Webster Dictionary?  


  • Concerning the nature of beauty, art, taste, and the creation or appreciation of beauty
  • Having a particular fondness for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially to the sight
  • Appreciative of and responsive to visual symmetry, harmony, and balance 
  • Disciplines, practices, and techniques designed to create beauty or improve the appearance of something (such as what you learn in a Botox training or dermal filler training course)

Can you personally relate to any of those definitions? If you’re not sure, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do I take delight in a thoughtfully designed space? (Or even a well-arranged kitchen countertop or well-organized linen closet?) 
  • Do I enjoy fashion or design magazines or coffee table photography books? 
  • Do I have a penchant for historic or avant-garde architecture? 
  • Am I somebody who’s always had a creative bent? (Even if I’d never really had a chance to express it?)
  • Am I somebody who’s highly affected by the look and feel of my environment? 

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, you’re likely somebody with a strongly developed aesthetic sensibility. This can help you understand why aesthetic medicine practitioners love their profession—and why you will too! 

The Art-Meets-Science World of Aesthetic Medicine

As its name suggests, the fantastic thing about aesthetics training is that it provides entry into the one medical specialty that draws just as heavily from the world of art as from science. This means that for RNs, NPs, PAs, doctors, or even dentists with a strong aesthetic sensibility, aesthetic medicine can be one of the most fun, gratifying, and rewarding professions imaginable. 

After all, what other medical specialty can you think of where a deep understanding of the “ideal proportions” of the Golden Ratio serves as a guide for every procedure you perform? That allows you to approach your clients the same way a painter would her canvas or a sculptor his clay? That not only encourages but insists that you devise truly individualized treatment plans for each and every client? (And necessitates you work collaboratively with them in order to understand and meet their aesthetic concerns and goals?) And what other medical specialty can turn a syringe into a tool that’s almost like a magic wand for helping your patients look more refreshed and feel more confident? 

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Even More Great Things to Love About Aesthetic Medicine

For those with a strong aesthetic sensibility, the chance to combine art and science is more than enough to make for a gratifying profession. But a career in aesthetic medicine brings many other benefits. For one, moving out of the exploitive practices of hospital-based nursing almost always brings nurses a dramatically improved work-life balance. (According to a Mckinsey & Co. study, things have gotten so bad that more than 30% of nurses are thinking of leaving direct-patient care.) 

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But aesthetic medicine doesn’t only allow you to get away from the negative aspects of nursing. It also paves a direct path toward the positive: reasonable nurse-patient ratios, more welcoming work environments, greater professional autonomy, increased opportunities to build relationships with patients, expanded job options, enhanced job security, and more. And if you’re an RN, NP, PA, doctor, or dentist who’s ready to revitalize your medical career, AAAMS is the premier platform for successfully launching you into the rewarding world of aesthetic medicine. 

AAAMS—The Industry Leader for Excellence in Aesthetics Education

AAAMS (The American Associaton of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the preeminent, fully-accredited platform for Botox, dermal fillers, and liposuction training and certification. Since 2005, we’ve trained more than 5,000 students worldwide for successful careers in aesthetic medicine. Our courses are designed to be accessible, engaging, and enjoyable, yet also rigorous, robust, and challenging. When you train with AAAMS, you get world-class instruction from accomplished industry experts invested in your success. 

Peer support, mentorship opportunities, access to referrals, and inclusion in industry events will play an invaluable role in positioning you for professional success throughout your training and beyond. This is why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network—a professional networking platform that instantly connects you to aspiring and veteran aesthetic practitioners, a library of exclusive learning materials, discounts on AAAMS courses, and many other resources that are designed to support you along every step of your aesthetics journey.  

Ready to Get Started On Your Latest and Greater Career Adventure? 

If you love all things aesthetic medicine and are looking for an opportunity to breathe new life into your medical career, you’ll love training with AAAMS. Check out our website to learn more about our courses, everything the AAAMS Aesthetic Network has to offer, and get started today! 

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and training with you!