Aesthetic Training and Professional Support Should Go Hand-In-Hand—Here’s Why

why aesthetic training and professional support go hand in hand

Have you ever been thrown into the deep end of the pool? Found yourself out of your depth and floundering around trying to keep your head above water? Been faced with navigating something new, only to realize you were in a sink-or-swim situation?

Most of us have had this sort of experience: landing a demanding new job only to discover there’s virtually no onboarding process; volunteering to act as your best friend’s wedding planner even though you’ve never hosted so much as a birthday party; setting off with all the right gear on a wilderness backpacking adventure and then managing to wander off the trail before finding it again three hours later.  

Now, if you’re somebody who has a knack for coming through these kinds of situations ablaze in Michael Phelps-like glory, congratulations. For most of us, being thrown into the deep end isn’t the fastest, most effective, or, frankly, the most fun way to excel at something. But unfortunately, that’s how a lot of aesthetic training platforms operate. No matter how solid their program, they can unwittingly end up throwing you into the deep end. Why? Because they don’t provide the 360-degree personal and professional support that makes it soooo much easier to have a successful, happy, healthy, rewarding career in aesthetic medicine. And that’s why we do things differently at AAAMS.  

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AAAMS—More Than Top-Tier, Industry-Leading Aesthetics Training

AAAMS is the American Association of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine. We don’t think it’s enough to provide fully-accredited Botox and filler training from some of the world’s most accomplished and influential aesthetic physicians. We don’t think it’s enough to design training programs that are as rigorous and comprehensive as they are streamlined and accelerated. And we don’t think it’s enough to create positive, playful, optimized learning environments that bring joy to the aesthetics journey. We believe that our students need more than this and deserve more than this—and that’s why we focus on ensuring you can take advantage of an instant professional network.  

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The Power of Connection and Professional Networking

Building a successful career in any field depends on much more than just having the right credentials and a stellar skillset. As the truism goes, “It’s who you know.”  In other words, the power of networking plays a huge role in professional success. In fact, study after study has found that the strength of your professional network is directly correlated with salary and career satisfaction. And this should come as no surprise. Humans are social creatures who require contexts of connection—ideally, in the service of a shared interest or goal—to successfully grow, develop, and flourish. 

If you think about anybody who’s achieved significant success in any discipline—business, visual art, music, literature, tech, teaching, and so on—you will find they are embedded in an ecosystem of sustaining support. This even holds true for so-called “self-made” individuals. No person is an island. Those who claim to have achieved their success without the support or assistance of others are simply ignorant of their debt to those who have inspired them, believed in them, opened doors for them, done business with them, or otherwise supported them. Sometimes, even the smallest, seemingly inconsequential connections can have life-changing consequences, and the power of networking—however small—should never be underestimated or unappreciated. 

The AAAMS Aesthetics Network—With You Along Every Step of Your Journey

Because we understand the power of networking, we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network to ensure you have the personal and professional support you need along every step of your aesthetic journey—before, during, and after you earn your Botox certification

The Aesthetics Network instantly connects you to your instructors, successful AAAMS graduates, and fellow AAAMS. It places you at the center of a community dedicated to learning and growing together through connecting around the common interest and goal of developing a successful career in aesthetic medicine. It also gives you access to seasoned professionals who can offer guidance and mentorship along the path. The Aesthetics Network is a great resource for job referrals and listings, targeted learning resources, invitations to special industry events, and much more. Plus, membership gives you a 10-20 percent discount on AAAMS courses. 

If you’re an RN, NP, PA, physician, or dental professional thinking of expanding your practice with aesthetic medicine or pivoting entirely to an aesthetics-focused career path, you will love training with AAAMS. We give you everything you need to make your career vision a successful reality. 
To learn more about fast, easy, fun, and affordable it is to earn your Botox and dermal filler certification, visit our website today to learn more about us. Explore our aesthetic courses, join the Aesthetics Network, and take the first step to begin a new career adventure. 

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